Snakes And Ladders


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Snakes And Ladders is a classic board game for young children.
It is played by 2 or more players.
Each player rolls a die and moves by given number of fields.
The winner is the one who reaches the last field first.
If the player stops at the bottom of a ladder, it climbs up.
If the player stops at the snake's head, it slides down.

Starting with version 2.0 you have a choice of game boards:

The snake board:

The old board:

First 2 players are created automatically and the die is rolled for each of them right away.
After that you touch a blinking icon or shake the iPhone/iPod/iPad to roll a die for the player whose turn it is.


You may stop the game at any time by pressing the home button on your iPhone/iPod/iPad.
Current state of the game is remembered and when you come back you may resume the game.

Parental controls
If you are playing with your child you may want to let the child win (so everybody is happy).
You need to create a special restricted player (parent) who is not allowed to win.
When your player is blinking, touch the first and last field (order not important).
You should notice a tiny dot in top right corner.
This dot indicates that your player will not be allowed to win.
There may be more than one restricted player in the game but it is not allowed to have all restriced players
(the game would never end in such case)

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