Submit Button Mask Image for Face Dialer

Mask Outline

Button Mask Submission Guidelines

Image must be in PNG format.

Image size must be exactly 600 x 600 pixels.

Image must not contain any copyrighted artwork
unless you are the copyright owner and wish to grant
permission to distribute the image by Agatco and
permission to use to all Face Dialer users.

Buttons may be based on copyleft or public domain artwork
but credit must be given if required and
be given if not required.

We will not accept explicit or offensive images.
Humor is OK (it is a Face Dialer after all) but vulgarity is not.

Anonymous submissions without valid e-mail are not accepted.
We will never abuse your e-mail address but we need
a way to contact you if there is a problem with the submission.

Buttons are displayed on a black background,
so the button frame should be black if it does not fill
the 600x600 square completely.

Use transparency in areas where you want
the image behind the button to be seen
(usually a person's picture picked by a user).
Some buttons might be opaque if they picture
an abstact place or institution (home, emergency, work, etc.).

To submit your file, please contact us by using the contact form on "Support" page.

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