Face Dialer

Face Dialer

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Face Dialer is a picture telephone dialer for iPhone.
Once set up, all it does is dialing a phone number when you touch the contact image.
Dialing this way is fast and easy — when you are in a hurry, in a car,
if you have eyesight problems or just want to have frequently called numbers easily accessible.
It is also much easier to use by younger children.

screenshot screenshot
screenshot screenshot

Starting with version 2.0, you can share contact cards with pictures by e-mail:

screenshot screenshot

The fun part is composing the picture buttons:
you start with a picture from your iPhone photo library and apply a frame to it
to create a final image composition.


Face Dialer comes with about 25 button frames included. It also allows you to download more frames from our sever.

Picture Frames Online

Pick the frame you like and touch "Save":

Online Button Choice

We intend to keep adding frames to our online collection and
we encourage users to submit their custom frames and
make them available to all Face Dialer users.

When you start Face Dialer for the first time it will create a new button for you and enter the editing mode.
When you press "Done" button, Face Dialer enters the normal mode where a touch on picture triggers dialing.
To enter the edit mode you need to touch the screen and hold for 2 seconds.
This design is intended to prevent accidental editing of the button when in dialing mode and
at the same time hide the editing options when they are not needed.
Please note that if the button does not have a telephone number associated with it,
touching it always triggers the button editor.

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